Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Whole New World

College is a waste of my time. Forgive me if you disagree, but I am not the sort of person to sit in a classroom/office all day and be happy. This term of accounting classes has made me see that I am not interested in going into accounting, at. all. The people are boring, the rules are boring, the classes are boring, it is boring. So, I am making a change. There are changes coming in our lives in the coming future and I am changing my major as well. I am going to go for early childhood education, I've always loved kids, always loved teaching and tutoring and love seeing little minds develop. The plan at this point is developing but I have already registered for the classes for next term and have plans in place to start a career that will work with whatever changes our family goes through.

This change is coming not only from being bored out of my mind with accounting but from other possibilities that have come up that we are hoping and praying will come true. All I can say is that maybe, just maybe, our dreams are finally going to come true!

And yes, we are still going to raise puppies and don't forget to get your puppy pool guesses in!


  1. Female Black Lab coming home in February...I'm thinking if it's a letter litter she'll be a...B! Why not? B's a good letter. Hmmm...Belle, Bella, Beauty, Beatrice, Betty, Becky...I'll think of more. :) I'm not sure how the theme litters work out to be honest. So I can't make an educated guess there. But I'm hoping that it's Classical Gods and Goddesses. Would you though explain how they choose the themes? I'm very curious.

  2. You never struck me as an accounting person. ECE definitely seems like a better fit and it can lead into other fields as well. I took a lot of ECE classes and I really loved them, especially the ones with direct experience. Good luck with your new studies!