Monday, November 15, 2010


The good thing about pets are that we can call "mulligan" and start all over! Of course, it is harder to have to undo learned habits and behaviours and have to train correct behaviours and shape productive habits, but we can do it! So I've called "mulligan" with Eva and Rizzo.

Eva: Eva has started (not necessarily recently) thinking she can climb onto the furniture whenever she wants, although she does pause with her front feet on the couch or bed waiting to be told "no" but she is still instigating and not on our choice. That is a behaviour I have always disliked and so she is no longer allowed on the couches or bed except for in the early morning after Max gets up and she has about 10 minutes of cuddle time with me. We are also going to re-train her "go to bed" and work on her greetings and reaction when people (namely Ally) come over. She's a wild thing then and barks and jumps and spins and goes crazy so we're going to be working on her default being to go to her bed and waiting for pets there. She is also going to be transitioned to sleeping and being loose all the time. There really is no reason for her to be crated and it would make her much more comfortable to be able to relieve when she needs to instead of waiting until we wake up or get home, etc. She has been sleeping loose but it is time to start letting her be loose when we aren't home. She is perfect at night, not getting into anything and simply goes out when she needs to and then returns to her dog bed. That's on top of solidifying her basic obedience and a couple fun tricks.

Rizzo: Riz is awful about jumping on top of the furniture whenever she wants and doesn't listen very well to the "off" command. she is not allowed on furniture at all anymore and we will work with her on the "off" command. The main thing I'm going to be working with her on is crate training. Rizzo doesn't not like to be kenneled unless she's with Eva. She will do anything to get out and she knows that if she pees/poops on herself, she gets to come out. She doesn't do that when she's kenneled with Eva but since Eva is going to transition to being loose, Rizzo will have to be kenneled alone. Why don't we just let her be loose as well? Well, Rizzo will retaliate for us leaving her and it isn't fun to clean up. So getting her used to and accepting of being kenneled alone is the first step to get her to be loose as well. We will also be working on "go to bed" and basic obedience with her as well as walking on a loose leash. We will also be working on not barking at the door and socializing her more.

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