Thursday, November 18, 2010

Choosing Of Themes

This post is to answer the question from Erin (in Scotland!) about how themes are chosen for litters so here's a brief explanation.

Theme ideas are submitted to CAST, from raisers, graduates, supportors, etc. The litter is born, seen how many pups, boy/girl ratio and then an appropriate theme is chosen from the list. They have to ensure there is enough names and enough boy/girl names to make sure all the pups fit into the theme. The raisers are notified that they are slated for a pup from the litter and given a list of approved names, you submit your favorite three boy and favorite three girl names and you find out who you get when you pick up the pup and what name was chosen. You can also submit names that fit in theme and they'll decide if it will fit in the theme or not.

I hope that helps a little. There is no telling what theme will next, just have to wait and see after the pups are all born! (No litters that I know of as of yet, probably won't be for a while yet that another litter will be born)


  1. That's interesting. So you kind of get to choose your name then? There's a part of me that wishes that I could choose the name of the puppy I was getting, but I think it helps me realize that it really isn't my dog. :) So, would you get to submit an idea for a theme if you got a theme litter puppy? Do you get to submit your favourite names if it's a letter litter as well or do you just have to take what hand you're dealt?

  2. Yeah, you have a hand in naming the pups. It's sort of like if you raise a breeder for GDB or are the breeder keepers and submitting names. I know it was really hard for me with Eva, having named her but I think that it was more the name was entirely me choice and all the other problems with Eva.

    I have submitted theme suggestions already and have some more in mind. We can email them in at any point and they will keep them on file.

    For litter letters, it's similar. We submit names and tell them our first choice (it's similar to GDA's naming process) and give them other names we would like. They then choose the official name. I think it's to ensure that two people don't pick the same name and then there are hurt feelings and what not about the naming process.