Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Keeping Myself Busy

Not even two weeks into this break and a large part of me and my life feels empty without a puppy in a jacket by my side. So, after sending an email to the puppy raising list begging for suggestions, I have a plan to help the time go by faster. I have written out some goals for my doggies, first part is happening tomorrow with both of them going to the vet and getting needed procedures done and training already in progress. I have a list of commands and tricks I want to teach each dog before the pup comes and I want to get some manners instilled in Riz quickly. I have college and some goals around the house I want to finish before the pup comes and some personal goals. I have a puppy blanket I'm making that I need to finish soon and some supplies to get. It also helps that there's a couple really cute little black girls I can watch (Galaxy is visiting this weekend!) whenever I really need a puppy fix.

All those things are just bandages though, I need me a permanent fix! Of course the founding mothers of Canine Angels are really good at keeping puppy plans and news quiet and keeping me on my toes. I've done all I can to get news out of them and their lips are sealed!

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