Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Turn In

**No pictures yet, I have to get some from Max and maybe Sheila**

Comet was turned in 5 days ago, on July 15, 2011. She was spayed and got the bordetella on the 5th so she could go down for training. Little Miss weighed all of 35 pounds, by far my smallest pup, without a doubt! We drove down after I got off work and met Sandy and Sheila at the kennels. Sandy had to go so we said hi and talked about baby Carter for a little bit then she left. Then we talked with Sheila about the going ons of CAST, dogs we knew and new pups coming up. After about an hour we took some pictures with Max, Comet and I on the bench outside the kennels and went and put Comet in her kennel. She had a name tag and got a big kennel for the night. She looked so little in the kennel! As we were leaving and saying goodbye to Sheila and talking about when we were going to make it down to let them meet Carter and future raising plans (Max told her when Carter turns 2 and she said it was going on her calendar!) Comet started barking. Was a little sad to leave her all alone in the kennel but we know she's well taken care of and settling in well.

If Comet is career changed, she won't be coming home. She is just too much dog for us and especially with the baby coming in less then 6 weeks. I have faith that she will end up in a great home just for her, either as a service dog, a PAL (similar to a K9 Buddy through GDB) or a loving pet.