Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pictures of Comet

Ally and I took Tiki and Comet to the park Friday. My big goal with Comet was to get her to play in her equipment and loosen up. It didn't take long at all, hooked the long line up to her and ran around a little and she did good!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Little Miss

Comet is such a little pup! Growing and gaining at a normal rate but she's just tiny! She is almost 8 months old and weighed 5 pounds less then Ally's Tiki (5 months old now) last week. She's just a short little thing who has all the energy in the world to make up for it!

She's a jumper, can clear the 32" baby gate like she's walking over a dog bone. She loves to run and is a power chewer major! She loves to give kisses and play with Eva and the cats.

She is of course, not perfect but she is so much fun! She doesn't like her harness or jacket so we are working on it. She didn't use a harness at the other organization and that weirdness could be transferring to the jacket for her. She is improving as we work with her, short walks down the street wearing her gear wtith lots of kibble and working on the "dress" command.

We couldn't be happier with Little Miss. She adds a challenge and a personality we haven't had in the house in a long time! She reminds me of Iverson in some ways but has a bit more freedom in the house and of course has her own quirks and what not.

I haven't taken any pictures of her really, I need to get better at it!

Good news is that plans with Comet don't change at all since we're pregnant, the only thing that may change is when we get our next puppy. Max is really in love with her and if she doesn't make it already has plans for agility with her.

Cell phone picture of Comet at the Mall.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I have a secret!

I have a secret and I've actually kept it for over four weeks! I would like to introduce you all to our baby!

(S)he is 8 weeks 2 days old and about 2/3 of an inch in length. Due date is August 25 :-)

We actually found out the day after my year in review post where I said 2011 would be the year we have our baby. I promise I didn't know! As far as the two little girls go, well, that's still up in the air but I'm content with whatever role I have in their lives!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Carnival - One Big Decision

Instead of talking about all the choices I've had to make while raising, I'll tell you about the choice I had to make that affects my life everyday! It makes it fuller, brighter and so much more fun! I made the decision to bring Eva home and get over the fear of losing her one day and instead, enjoy today and enjoy what love and enthusiasm for life she does have.

Eva has not had an easy life. She was a very sick puppy and now, as a gorgeous two-year-old still has a bad prognosis. When she was career changed I was scared out of my mind. Would I take her back? Would I be able to handle the emotional strain of living with a terminally ill dog day in and day out? Would I be able to be strong enough to make the choice that we all knew would have to be made in the not-to-distant-future for her sake? I didn't know when I said yes but I knew I couldn't let her live her life with people she didn't know, who didn't know her and who I had no idea if they would listen to her the way I knew I could.

Eva has this way about her that just makes everything okay. She's loving, caring, loyal, sweet, adorable, determined, enthusiastic and a whole host of other things. She is my forever puppy, the one that was meant to come home and I'm thankful everyday that I have her soft golden ears to rub and her sweet eyes knowing just when I need her and knowing that we can communicate. She knows what I need and I know what she needs, when she's having an off day or just needs some extra loving.

We don't know what the future will hold for Eva or how long her life will last. What we do know is that we are so thankful we made the choice to bring her home and to love her as much as we can for as long as we can.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

News on Charlie

Not good news and not the career changed news we always dread.

Charlie is sick. I'm not sure what is wrong with him exactly, he was throwing up and not passing any thing through his bowels and now he's on antibiotics and not eating. My heart is breaking for the sweet boy and I hope he pulls through this. I'll update when I know more.

Puppy Charlie the night we picked him up.

Charlie a couple weeks ago from the prison.