Thursday, January 27, 2011

Little Miss

Comet is such a little pup! Growing and gaining at a normal rate but she's just tiny! She is almost 8 months old and weighed 5 pounds less then Ally's Tiki (5 months old now) last week. She's just a short little thing who has all the energy in the world to make up for it!

She's a jumper, can clear the 32" baby gate like she's walking over a dog bone. She loves to run and is a power chewer major! She loves to give kisses and play with Eva and the cats.

She is of course, not perfect but she is so much fun! She doesn't like her harness or jacket so we are working on it. She didn't use a harness at the other organization and that weirdness could be transferring to the jacket for her. She is improving as we work with her, short walks down the street wearing her gear wtith lots of kibble and working on the "dress" command.

We couldn't be happier with Little Miss. She adds a challenge and a personality we haven't had in the house in a long time! She reminds me of Iverson in some ways but has a bit more freedom in the house and of course has her own quirks and what not.

I haven't taken any pictures of her really, I need to get better at it!

Good news is that plans with Comet don't change at all since we're pregnant, the only thing that may change is when we get our next puppy. Max is really in love with her and if she doesn't make it already has plans for agility with her.

Cell phone picture of Comet at the Mall.

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  1. She's sure a cute little girl! :) And by the way (since I am terribly remiss at catching up on people just now) CONGRATS on the baby!! :D That's so exciting!