Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Carnival - One Big Decision

Instead of talking about all the choices I've had to make while raising, I'll tell you about the choice I had to make that affects my life everyday! It makes it fuller, brighter and so much more fun! I made the decision to bring Eva home and get over the fear of losing her one day and instead, enjoy today and enjoy what love and enthusiasm for life she does have.

Eva has not had an easy life. She was a very sick puppy and now, as a gorgeous two-year-old still has a bad prognosis. When she was career changed I was scared out of my mind. Would I take her back? Would I be able to handle the emotional strain of living with a terminally ill dog day in and day out? Would I be able to be strong enough to make the choice that we all knew would have to be made in the not-to-distant-future for her sake? I didn't know when I said yes but I knew I couldn't let her live her life with people she didn't know, who didn't know her and who I had no idea if they would listen to her the way I knew I could.

Eva has this way about her that just makes everything okay. She's loving, caring, loyal, sweet, adorable, determined, enthusiastic and a whole host of other things. She is my forever puppy, the one that was meant to come home and I'm thankful everyday that I have her soft golden ears to rub and her sweet eyes knowing just when I need her and knowing that we can communicate. She knows what I need and I know what she needs, when she's having an off day or just needs some extra loving.

We don't know what the future will hold for Eva or how long her life will last. What we do know is that we are so thankful we made the choice to bring her home and to love her as much as we can for as long as we can.


  1. Sorry Lisa, I accidentally deleted your comment. Thank you for the comment though! It certainly is true though!

  2. What a beautiful decision. May you have many days ahead with Eva.

  3. I hope you two still have many good days together in your future. Thank you so much for participating in the ADBC! I’m checking links now, so the full list of carnival posts should be up on my blog soon.

  4. Deciding to adopt a career changed dog is always a big decision, but to adopt one you know will need a high level of attention is even more of a decision. thank you for sharing your story, it really made me think and now I know for sure I made the right decision on my 2nd foster :)

  5. Wow...thank God for people like you who love these dogs no matter what their life holds. What a misty eyed post...I hope you have lots more time with her.

  6. I hope you enjoy each day with her. That post really makes you appreciate just how awesome these dogs are, and how they are willing to love no matter what.

    Take care, Torie and guide dog Ushi