Monday, November 01, 2010


Wow, talk about a discombobulated post! So here is a new post with the guidelines written out more clearly and the possibilities!

Guess sex, breed, color, month of arrival and first letter of first name. 1 point for each correct part.

Names can be submitted for extra points. If I choose one of the names you submit for my puppy you get 2 extra points if it is not already on my name list.

Total possible points = 7

Sex: male, female
Breed: lab, golden retriever, poodle, labradoodle, goldendoodle, lab/golden cross
Color: yellow, black, chocolate, apricot

Puppies may be donated at any point and of any age. We are trying to get a pup from a litter of 2 FBLs, 2 FCLs and 3 MCLs that were born 10/30/10 donated. If I don't get a donated pup the next breedings are planned for spring 2011.

Prize: $25 gift card to the store (online or in person) of your choice.

Guessing will be open until 11/30/10 unless I recieve a puppy before that! You can guess on any post on this blog, no specific post required.


  1. Thanks for clarifying.

    1. Female
    2. Lab
    3. Chocolate
    4. December
    5. 'Y' = Yahtzee, 'Z' = Zephyr, 'A' = Aloha, 'B' = Bolt

  2. Sex: Male
    Breed: Golden Retriever
    Color: Yellow/golden
    Month: Feb 2011
    Letter: G
    Name: General ?

  3. I'm thinking a female chocolate lab and I think she'll be a "Z" puppy. I think she'll be arriving in December.

    Names! I would absolutely die of happiness if you got a Freya, but that's a long shot.

    Zira, Zoria, Zelda, Ziggy, and Ziba

  4. Well, we have to guess that you'll get a male chocolate Lab with a Z name in January. And we'll suggest the name Zack - since that rhymes with Jack. ;-)