Sunday, September 05, 2010


The house is making progress, even though most days it feels painstakingly slow, it is nearing completion. Today we are going to finish the trim and doors and finish touch-up paint. Tomorrow the laminate flooring goes in, door knobs, lighting fixtures, wall plates, etc are installed and the front walkway will hopefully be finished. Then Tuesday-Wednesday the carpet will be installed. Then all there is from there is cleaning and exterminating and we get to move in. So it looks like at this point we will be moving in starting Friday!

After today Max and I will not be working on the house at all since we are done painting. We will take the days before the move to finish packing and cleaning this place and whatnot.

About the talk to buy the house, I doubt we will. This has been so stressful on me and we don't live there and don't have a strict move out date for our apartment. I can't imagine how stressed I would be living there while renovating or anything like that. Pictures to come soon!

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