Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another Week?

Moving has been put on hold.... again. But this time, at least it was our choice! Really stinks though because this weekend was AMAZING weather and it's suppossed to rain Fri-Mon (at the least) all next weekend. Oh well, it saves our sanity and that of our dogs! Our landlord decided that since the inside of the house looks so good now that he had to paint the exterior as well to match. Which means.... scrapping, scratching, sanding, washing, etc. the existing exterior paint! Which makes for a very loud, annoying, nails-on-a-chalkboard sound inside the house. The 20 minutes we were there while they were doing it on Friday just about drove me crazy (ier) and I can't imagine how my little canine babies would take it. On top of that, they took the large gate into the backyard down which means that we would still have to take the dogs out on leash anyway until they are done which sort of defeats the purpose of having a backyard for the dogs to play in. So we decided that moving is stressful enough on us and the dogs, we don't want them to have to deal with strange people coming in and out of the house and being outside their house working and talking and eating to stress them out more and have their first week (s?) there being so highly stressful that it sets a pattern in their behaviour for the new house. Although it kills me to put off moving for another week as Fall term inches closer and closer, it's what needs done. I doubt that by next weekend they will have painted the house, but hopefully they will finish the prep at least and can actually paint the house the next day it's not due to rain. I love the rainy season but it certainly isn't the best time to paint a house or move!

On another note, we went to Costco yesterday with my mom for the first real time. We walked up and down every aisle and got some amazing things! 40 lbs of dog food for $26, shampoo for thick hair, delicious gluten-free soup, a natural sugar alternative called Agave (used in a lot of gluten-free recipes), coffee (for Max), grape juice (for Max, I hate the stuff), eggs (split with Mom), strawberries (split with Mom and Ally), cheez-it (for Max), gluten-free crackers, laundry detergent and an amazing mat for in the kitchen to stand on while doing the dishes or cooking! I'm so excited about that because one of the reasons I don't cook as much as I would like to is that if I stand on hard surfaces my feet feel like the bones are going to tear through my skin and it kills me. I guess I should say that it's only when I'm standing still, it doesn't bother me when I'm walking or moving around and it's only for extended periods of time (an hour +). Oh, we also got some almonds to try and make some homemade almond flour. It's great for making breads, cakes, cookies, etc. and is naturally gluten-free and healthy, lower in calories and makes the baked goods have an amazingly fluffy texture! I love having Costco in town! It's so nice having Mom and Ally to split things with as well so we don't have a ton of food going bad on us!

Ok, well I better go continue packing and look at some terrier rescues for Carley. I'll have Eva explain why Carley can't stay with us on her blog and a post from Charlie will be up soon!

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