Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Changes!

Sorry I left you all hanging about the house situation. Here's the latest and greatest


We have been here for 5 nights so far and I must say, I LOVE it! It's just the right size for us and it's so nice having a yard for the dogs to play in instead of the living room! Almost everything is put away and organized, have some more kitchen stuff to clean and put away but that's the only major thing. So here we are, in our house and in only a couple more days Fall Term starts! I'm so excited! We went out and picked up my books today, Max still has some FA paperwork to fill out but hopefully we'll pick up his books on Thursday. I started reading my piano book and play on reading the first chapter or two of the other books and maybe doing some of the problems for Trig. as well.

So Max got a second job and he loves it! He works on computers and it's just right for him. It works with his current job and works with his school schedule. Plus it is exactly what he is going to school for, so I'm really happy for him.

Eva isn't doing too well.... we're two days into the "three day rule" for CRF (canine renal failure) dogs. We'll just wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Charlie is loving having a yard to play fetch in and play with Eva in. He's doing pretty good, just needs a new haircut and some commands solidified over the next 2.5 weeks before he goes into formal training.

No news on our next PIT as of yet but I get to "borrow" Galaxy for some classes and during Tabatha's lab which I'm really excited about. Galaxy is such a sweet, cute puppy :-)

I'll get the house all cleaned and organized right and get curtains and what not up this week and post some pictures for you all. I'm off to go read through some accounting books right now though!

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