Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I feel like my life is at a standstill at this point, it's not a good feeling. Hopefully we'll be moving this weekend, the house has carpet, wood laminate, lighting fixtures, etc. all in! Just working on some little things right now and getting the house ready to move in! It looks so much better and I know that when we do finally move it, it will be completely worth all the trouble that we went through, even though we will not be buying this house. The exterior is going to be getting painted as well after we move in.

I'm itching to find Carley a new home and to turn in Charlie (one month from today!) and to get our next puppy to raise. I'm itching to start school again and just move towards our goals.

I don't like feeling like we're at a standstill, although I love relaxing, I love feeling like I'm moving toward a goal or goals. I'm sure it will help once we move and what not, but for now, it feels like these last couple of weeks have dragged and it feels like these days until we move are just dragging by!

I know in no time I'll be fretting about our next puppy coming and about school and returning Charlie, it's just getting to that point.

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  1. I hear ya! You're right though, the move and getting settled in the place will pass quickly then you'll be starting school, finding Carley a home (if not earlier...), taking Moe back and preparing for your newest puppy! Not to mention enjoying the graduation :-D