Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today was very overwhelming for me. Yesterday we went and worked on the house some. Primed the "blue room" aka the office aka the future nursery and prepped some more for painting. Today we woke up and headed over aroun 10 am. When we got there the subflooring in the office was torn up and we were sanding, cleaning and more prepping for painting. The pipe fix didn't work so now more earth is needing to be dug up and that section of pipe will need replaced. It was all just a little much for me so I had a little cry and then Max and I went into the backyard and kicked around a ball a bit. The backyard really calms me down at this point, even though it too needs a lot of work. I think it gives me something to look forward too with playing with doggies, parties, playing with our babies, drying cloth diapers, gardening, etc.

Anyway, we got a lot done today. The office floor is solid again and ready for padding and carpeting. I have some more cleaning and priming to do before we can paint and then carpet but it's getting there! The kitchen and laundry area linoleum and wafer board below that was removed and ready for new boards and linoleum. All the door knobs (indoor), light fixtures, etc are down and going to be replaced after we paint.

Max and I might go tomorrow and do more prep for painting i.e. filling in nail holes, caulking, cleaning/sanding the woodwork, taking down the cabinet doors and everything else. Hopefully Thursday the floor in the kitchen and laundry area will be prepped for linoleum and ready for us to paint and the water main will hopefully be fixed then too. Then the cleaning lady needs to come back and clean up and then we can PAINT! I'm so excited! As soon as we paint it should only be a couple more days for carpet and linoleum to go in and then we can move in!

There is still a lot of things outside that need done. The water pipe is under the walkway that I posted about before so they had to tear up part of it. Our landlord read my mind and will be tearing up the rest of it and putting down some railroad ties and putting in gravel for a pathway. I hope he puts down pea gravel, I love that for walkways! I still need to go in the backyard and clean up all the doodie that the previous tenants left and of course put down the bug barrier and flea spray. We also talked with the landlord about painting the exterior of the house but with the horribly job done by the previous owners it would cost a lot of money so we will be holding off on that for now or may just end up putting up new siding.

There is talk of our landlord selling us the house in a couple years. That'd be awesome! The house is small but in a really nice neighborhood in good school zones and there is plenty of room for us to expand when we need to. It's an older house built in 1949 so it has lots of old charm, exactly what I love in houses! I can't wait to take pictures of the finished product for you all too see! I might take some tomorrow when it's just Max and I there and post them once I have pictures of the finished house as well. We'll see though!

Ok, I'm off to do homework! It's finals week! Then a month off until fall term! YAY!

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