Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Preparing to move

We got to go see the outside of the house today since the previous tenants are officially out. They really left the house a mess and it's gonna take a lot of work on our part to get the outside the way we want it. The inside of the house is pretty bad too, the carpet needs replaced, so while the carpet is out we are going to go meet our landlord at the house and help paint the colors we've chosen for the house! Here's a picture of the backyard from my cell phone today.
Don't worry about the fencing on the sides, it has chainlink fencing behind it. We're gonna see about taking it down or replacing it in the future. At this point, we will be tilling the backyard and planting grass seed next month once it cools down a bit. We will be putting in a small vegetable garden for next year and planting flowers and what not. There is a slight slope in the backyard so near the house where it is lower we will be putting in a brick patio to have a seating area and fire pit.

The people who lived there before us had a bull mastiff and a rott/dobie mix so there is a HUGE dog door in the side door. The fencing along the carport is just lattice and it looks like one of the dogs tried to get out so we're gonna have to make it "doxie" proof.

Beyond that, it'll be a lot of cleaning, weeding, raking, watering and just general care and attention to get teh yards where we want them. We would like to pain the exterior of the house (hopefully in October/November) and the front walkway and step is uneven and needs repaired/replaced. We'll see what our landlord wants to do about that or wants us to do about it. The driveway also needs a patch on one side so that the car goes down even.

I know it sounds like we are putting a lot of energy and work into a rental for no reason, but there is a good reason we are doing all of this. Our landlord is amazing and we don't want to have to switch landlords. We will stay here until our family outgrows the house or until we are in a position to buy a home, whichever comes first. We can have our dogs there and are looking into possibly fostering a golden retriever for Golden Bond golden retriever rescue that is at our local shelter. More on that later! It would be a great way for me to use my cravings for a new dog before our next PIT comes and I would be helping out dogs that need it. We're going to go meet her tomorrow and send up our foster application tomorrow as well if we choose not to adopt her. Max says he doesn't want to since he wants a pitbull but we'll see after we meet her!

Ok, I'm off to go do some more packing and hopefully talk Max into going to an event this weekend for the rescue group. It's the same rescue that rescued, placed and have real concern for Eva's brothers/nephews that were turned in. I would love for them to get a chance to meet Eva and for me to get to meet the people I spent lots of time on the phone with worrying about those little puppies.

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  1. Hope it all goes well! Sounds like lots of work - nice landlords are worth a lot, right!