Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today was a very long day. We went and spent the day at the new house and helped work on it. Basically today they tore out the carpet and we cleaned windows and prepped for painting. The yard was also mowed and it looks so much better! We aren't going to plant any grass at this point, just put down some fertilizer and water it and see what happens.

There is a broken pipe under the walkway so it looks like that may have to come up anyway, which is good and bad news. Good news because I want it repaired/replaced anyway since it's slanted but bad news because it tacks on more time before we can move in. Tomorrow Max has a meeting all day for work so we won't be there tomorrow but the broken window should be fixed tomorrow and the kitchen and bathroom will be professionally cleaned. Hopefully this weekend or early next week we will go in and help prime the hosue and then paint all the rooms. Our landlord loves the colors we picked out! The livingroom, kitchen, laundry area and hallway will be mostly a beige color. The living room will have an accent wall of a green-ish brown that will also go in the bathroom (I think). Our room will be a green as well and the office will be a lighter green so that when we have to turn it into a nursery it will be gender neuteral but not to babyish for it to be Max's office for now.

I took the camera today but forgot that the memory card was sitting here at our apartment in my computer. Oops!

Our landlord said today that because we are helping out and putting custom paint up and since it will look nice he's going to do us a favor and replace the other flooring in the house too! He said if we weren't replacing the carpet already and painting beyond just white walls, he would just leave flooring in the kitchen and bathroom, but it will have to look nice like the rest of the house!

There is a part of the floor in the office that needs a new support put in and also a corner in the livingroom ceiling is bowing down like it is damaged. So one of the people there helping take out carpet today pushed up on it and said there was something heavy pushing down on it. (No worries, it will be fixed before we move in.) After our landlord left and we were working on prepping for painting more, we decided we wanted to see what was pushing down on the ceiling. So we looked up in the attic, fully expecting a simple crawlspace. Much to our surprise there is a room up there! So we are going to put in one of those attic ladder things and make it my craft/homework room! Max crawled up there to see what was pushing down on the ceiling because it was behind the wall and it turns out there is a large cast iron christmas tree stand up there! Not sitting on beams, just sitting on the insulation and sheetrock! It's a good thing that didn't fall through as it would cause even more serious damage!

Our landlord also said that there is a rock patio in the back against the house that the people didn't maintain so it's covered in weeds right now but they will be taking care of that. He also said we can replace it with brick when we want :-) Max said by next summer we will need to put an awning up which I am all for! The doggies will have lots of room to run and play and explore! We considered replacing the giant dog door with a smaller one because we don't feel secure with the current one since anyone could fit through it! But our neighbors across the street are old family friends and the husband today took the cardboard cover and tacked a piece of wood to it so it can't be opened from the outside! It also works out since with puppy raising you never quite know what size dog you'll end up with!

We went out and saw the golden retriever mix today but she has a hold on her so hopefully she gets to go home with her family soon! Max and I have decided that we will keep our eyes open for the right dog to join our family and it doesn't matter when that is. We just feel that Rizzo needs a friend since she is so bonded with Eva. So if we get another dog before Eva passes or after, it is fine either way.

So it looks like at this point that we will be moving in next weekend, we really hope!

Ok, I'm gonna head to bed.

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