Monday, August 16, 2010

As Time Goes By

It just keeps going faster and faster! Eva is almost off house-arrest, let me tell you, Friday can't come soon enough! I'm dieing to get her out on some walks! Eva has been doing well, her weight seems to have stabalized (although it is still low for a healthy golden) and she had a nasty ear infection but with some daily cleanings and medication, it is clearing up. Her skin looks good at this point with no sores!

Rizzo just turned three years old on Saturday! I can't believe my little ugly doxling is three! Seems like just yesterday we were introduced to a 14 week old dapple doxie puppy named "Leann" and only a couple days later she came home with us. I love my baby girl and although she often times drives me bonkers, we are slowly teaching her manners and I really think that the upcoming move will help her settle down.

Charlie is now 16 months old and it looks like we'll be driving him down October 8-10, 2010. October 8 is the day he turns 18 months and since CST pups turn in at 18 months, it works out perfectly for us to take him down that weekend. Although it will be a very busy couple of weeks!

As far as moving, we drove by the new house today and it is a mess. The people were spossed to be out yesterday but there is boxes in the front yard, garbage and equipment in the carport and just stuff everywhere. Hopefully we'll be moving in next weekend though. Our landlord told us that he's going to have to replace the carpet and some other flooring and some cabinets and doors because the previous tenants dog was destructive.

Summer term is coming to a close and fall term starts in about 5 weeks. Max is very excited to start college and I'm excited to start the actual accounting program finally! Ok, I'm off to do homework. I'll leave you with a picture of Eva, Charlie and Galaxy playing the other night while she was visiting for a couple days.

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