Thursday, August 05, 2010

Under New Management!

This blog will be pretty quiet until things settle down as in we're done moving, Charlie returns for training, Eva gets out of heat, etc.

At this point we are just working on getting packed for the move, watching little Galaxy when she needs a puppy-sitter, loving on Eva and Charlie and have some plans in the works for a potential new (canine) member to join our family. I haven't heard back from her temporary home yet but we are hoping Maggie, an 8-year-old bi-colored (black and white) sheltie joins our family. Although I prefer male dogs, I always wanted a female sheltie and we are really wanting to rescue a doggie and she is the only referrance the Oregon sheltie rescues have at this pont. There are seldom shelties in rescue in Oregon, probably because it is a *rarer* breed and most people who buy/adopt shelties know what they are getting into. I was told of a 4-month-old pup and a litter of sheltie puppies, but I really really want to rescue an older dog. Once Eva passes, we will be looking for a sheltie more seriously (if things don't work out with Maggie) and we may end up buying an older pup from a breeder since a lot of times breeders sell pups that they kept for a potential show dog that grew pass the size restrictions. I don't want three pet dogs when we get a puppy but there is little chance that Eva will be here when we get a puppy, her body seems to be failing her little by little and she seems to be getting more and more uncomfortable. We are back to the drawing board to come up with a plan to keep her comfortable as long as possible as we really really want her to see her second birthday (Oct. 24). We are hoping a puppy will be in our home late 2010 or early 2011. News on Maggie and puppy will come on this blog or Eva's once we get some!

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  1. I hope Eva sees her second birthday. It's quite exciting that you'll be getting a new puppy soon. It's funny. My family almost rescued a Maggie as well. But she was Labradoodle. :) It's a popular name apparently.