Thursday, October 07, 2010

A new CAST family member!

This little guy is currently with his breeder in Montana. Through a great current member of the CAST (human) family, the breeder has agreed to hold this pup until a transport can be arranged to get him to his puppy raiser. Unfortunately, the breeder has undergone some financially hard time due to one of her dogs getting sick and going through treatment only to pass away :-( So at this point, we are trying to raise the money to purchase this little guy since he has all the signs of being a great service dog! Please help CAST provide service dogs to disabled children. Donations of any amount help toward the goal and like all donations to a non-profit should be tax-deductible.

Visit giftberry to make a quick, painless donation (trust me, it really is easy, I've donated a couple times via giftberry!)

Feel free to spread the word! We have a goal to raise $600 and have already raised $100!

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