Friday, October 29, 2010

Is It That Hard?

*Disclaimer: It may appear that I'm over reacting a bit but this is how I felt and it was on top of an already emotional day where I had to come to some realizations about our life.*

Today Ally and I took Tiki to get her well puppy visit and a set of shots and her microchip implanted. After that we tried to set an appointment to get Eva and Eclipse a check-up and see how their kidneys are faring. Not the most pleasant experience at the vet to begin with that we're asking to set up but we run into accussing attitudes and disbelief. Told outright "it's not a normal request", noooo, there's tons of 2 year old puppies out there dieing from kidney failure. So we walked out of there without an appointment, I'll have to get up the nerve to make a call I dread to set an appointment I dread even more. We need to set up the appointments soon though so that we can get the vet we love. I know my dog isn't normal, I know that it sounds weird to hear of a 2 year old puppy with kidney failure, I know this. I've dealt with it for the past nearly 2 years. I've gotten the looks, the stares, the pity and the tears. If Eva didn't need this check up I'd just skip it to avoid telling her story again, to avoid the looks and "opinions" of people who have no clue what it's like. I would skip it, but I promised my little girl who loves mud and rain and walks and cuddles while wet and muddy that I would take care of her and unfortunately, these awful vet visits are part of taking care of her.....

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  1. That's a weird thing for a vet to say. Wouldn't they just trust that you knew your dog? That just sort of gets to me...I hope you get her an appointment soon.