Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Down to Two!

Saturday our family officially went from 3 to 2 dogs. Charlie is in formal training and I've been told that he is settling in well and they think he's a sweetheart! It sure is quiet here without him but it's a relief as well that he has moved on in his training, on some days it felt like our time with him would never end! Turn in was quick and painless. It helped that as soon as they took Charlie out to the yard they came back in with two of the CUTEST little black lab puppies ever! No tears shed and no regrets. After he was taken to the yard I filled out the turn-in paperwork and tried to come up with a way to describe the somewhat indescribable Charlie-bear with his outgoing personality yet confidence issues. He was a trooper on the way down! Slept most of the way and spent some quality time with me in the back seat the last couple of hours giving me some kisses and being the sweet boy we know he is. Here's one of the last pictures taken of the boy as a puppy-in-training.
Ignore me, we just drove through the night for 15 hours... ;-)

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