Saturday, October 16, 2010

CAST Graduation 2010

Today was Canine Angels Service Teams 3rd graduation. It was just as moving as last years only this year we felt like we belonged instead of just visiting. We met the founders we didn't meet at our home visit and met many other people involved. We were handed leashes with dogs attached when their raisers had more dogs then hands and we talked to one of the mothers of last years graduates. The speeches this year were amazingly touching and I am so excited and honored to be apart of this organization. We learned a bit more about CAST and got to talk to the founders on a more relaxed basis then the home visit and just chat, one of my favorite past times! The only bad news is that they aren't planning another litter until next spring so it could be a bit of a wait before another donated pup comes along or the litter(s) are born and ready for raisers. That's ok though, I'm happy to wait for the opportunity to raise for these amazing people. The puppy-raising coordinator asked about Charlie and Eva. It's amazing to have someone ask about my sweet Eva who only met her once and for a short period of time and cares about her :-) One of her previous pups was honored today and actually celebrated graduation as a facility dog and it was so neat to see her go through the emotions we go through when we hand over these dogs. It's nice to know that our feelings and emotions are understood (since all of the founders have/are raising these dogs right along beside us!) as we go through this journey. All I know is that after today, the wait for a puppy will feel so much longer and shorter at the same time! I would wait for a long time for a puppy from them but on the other hand I really want to get a pup to raise to feel even more a part of this organization!

*All photos courtesy of Ally... with the help of my batteries ;-)
Part of Schmidt Family Vineyards where graduation is held.
Space Litter pup "Tycho" (Galaxy's full sibling) and Service Dog "Denali" (Graduated today!)
Facility Dog "Pumpkin" (Peanuts Litter) - Graduated today!

4-month-old goldendoodle "Velvet" (V Litter)
CAST breeder "Lewis" - Daddy of Velvet and her litter and 3 of the Space Litter
One of our borrowed pups today, 17-month-old "Twister" from the Games Litter.
Donated labradoodle "Wyatt"! He is so soft and fluffy!
Another one of our borrowed pups, 4-month-old "Tundra" - Standard Apricot Poodle (T Litter)
American Indian Dog "Skylar" Puppy-in-Training

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