Sunday, October 17, 2010


I think this may have been explained before but I thought I would explain again just in case. Canine Angels names in a really neat way. If you noticed in my last post about graduation there are themed litters and letter litters. Theme litters are program bred (Dam or Dam and Sire are program dogs) such as the Space litter (turns out 3 of the space litter are full golden, sire is CAST "Lewis"!) and the National Parks litter. Letter litters are litters that are either fully donated from an outside dam and sire or the sire was used with an outside dam. Such as the case with Miss "Velvet II" and her sisters, the black goldendoodles. Their sire is CAST "Lewis" as well but their dam is the personal dog of an organization friend. The same applies for donated single pups, they are named by letter. So Mr. "Wyatt" is the "W" pup and the little donated black lab we ran the fundraiser for is the "X" puppy, "Xerox." No clue yet if I will be getting a "Y" pup or a themed pup but either way is fine by me. Raisers get to help name their pup, with themed litters they are given a list of names and they choose their favorite three names for male and female from the list. Then a puppy is assigned to them and Canine Angels makes the final decision on the name. Just to be prepared, I have started an Excel workbook with letter names arranged alphabetically and for male, female and unisex. I also have an Excel workbook of puppy supplies, I love Excel!


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