Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I know I still have to do the post on picking up Comet and the outing from Saturday, I promise I'll get it up as soon as I can, probably tomorrow.

Comet is settling in well! She loves Eva and Mowgli and every once in awhile will entice Rizzo to play too. Riz is sort of a cranky dog so doesn't usually play with other dogs besides Eva but Comet has gotten her to play! Comet has tested us a bit but she has mostly stopped that and is starting to respond very well to her new name and the new commands. Since she did come from a different organization, there are some changes for her. We use slightly different commands for some things and the harness which is new for her. She was going stiff when we put it on her but Ally worked with her a bit with treats and then yesterday Max and I took her and Eva to the park for a walk and we started the walk with her just wearing it but the leash not attached and then we attached the leash to the harness once she started ignoring it and it went much better then the outing on Saturday! She is still finding some actions awkward with it on, such as jumping in the car, but she's doing very well. We haven't done any outings (besides Saturday) yet, we wnat her to settle in a bit and to learn how she ticks a bit more before tacking an outing. I need to get some pictures of her for you all to see. She's absolutely adorable! I'm enjoying this raising experience so far! Yes, she has her challenge behaviours but she is so sweet and so attentive and the organization is such a pleasure to work with!


  1. Why did she have to change her name? Was she originally part of the space litter?

  2. Yeah, she was born in the Space litter but was donated to the other organization. Now that she's back she should have a name that matches. It was my decision. :-)

  3. Thanks for the update; glad to hear Comet is doing well!