Thursday, December 02, 2010

6 Things At 6 Months!

Today is the 6 month day of the Canine Angels "Space Litter", part lab/golden cross with a couple full goldens thrown in there! Talk about a good day to meet my new little girl!

I would like to introduce you to Mattie! Once a Space puppy, ALWAYS a Space puppy, even if your name doesn't fit into the theme (which may or may not be changed to a more theme appropriate name)! Mattie was donated to a small organization in San Diego but due to some circumstances with the raiser's family, she has been returned to Canine Angels! I've known for almost 3 weeks now that she would be coming home but the weather prevented us from picking her up a couple weeks ago.

It has been decided (with my blessing) that Mattie will stay at the kennels for the next week or two to see how she does and who she is. It'll give us a base to work from and see what areas need work and where our focus needs to be. So even though I met her today when we picked up Jackson, she is still about 90 minutes away from us. I'll try my best to come up with 6 things after only spending 45 minutes with her today!

1. I'm thankful that this gorgeous little girl has found her way back North to join our family.
2. I'm thankful that I was given the oppurtunity to finish her raising!
3. I love her coloring! She's quite dark but has white bloomers!
4. She needs reminded that she is a retriever, not a SPRINGER!
5. I'm looking forward to teh day I get to bring her home.
6. I love how little she is! I think Ally's Tiki (at 15 weeks) weighs more then the short, thick Mattie!


  1. She's so cute!!! :) And I love her name. There are now two puppies in the blogging world that share my name(:. Welcome Mattie!