Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Update time!

Comet graduated! Ok, not as a working service dog, but she is helping a little boy with autism who loves her. She is what is known as a "PAL". Similar to GDB's K9-buddy program. We drove down and met her new family and think she's in the perfect home. I miss the little spitfire but am so thankful she's where she is. She didn't make it as a service dog due to her alarm barking. She's still a success in my book!

Eva is doing good. This summer was tough on her, we thought it was time for her to go, the vet refused and gave us expensive options or told us we could rehome her. Turns out she likely has an environmental allergy that flares in the summer time and makes her miserable. A cortisone shot helped for about two weeks. I'm not sure what we're going to do next summer, looks like some spendy testing is going to be needed since the vet also said he doesn't think she has chronic kidney failure or cancer.... *le sigh* I love the goofy golden though.

As for puppy raising, it really depends. Carter is going to be becoming mobile in the coming months and we'll see how our lives change with that one. Our new apartment would work well for raising, as would my job, just have to see how well a pup would fit in with an infant. I have a bug out though, that we may be interested, so we'll see how well the timing of the next litter works for us. :-)


  1. The vet refused to put your dog down when you requested it?!? That is horrible! I would NEVER be back to that vet again :( Glad she is doing better and that you can keep her happy next summer.

  2. Hi Y'all,

    About a year ago I covered my allergies on my blog. I'm allergic to food, grass, dust and who knows what else. :(I take allergy shots and a loratadine 10 mg tablet twice a day.)

    You might try the loratadine 10 mg tablet and see if it helps. The loratadine 10mg dosage is .5mg per 5-10 mg of dog's body weight.It's better than benadryl (dosage 0.5 – 2mg per lb of pet’s body weight every 8 -12 hours)since benadryl general makes the dog drowsy.

    I also have benadryl spray which stops itchy spots but doesn't put me to sleep.

    Hope this helps.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog